Moonrise 17 June 2016 on Heavenly Recordings.


Martin Craft is a songwriter, composer and music producer. Blood Moon, the new album, is a sprawling, cosmic piano epic, recorded during a year adrift in California's Mojave desert, lost in its deep silences, other-planetary landscapes, and impossibly starry skies. Out now on Heavenly Recordings.

“One of the most exquisite soul-searching odysseys of this or any other year.”
— MOJO – 4 Stars ****
A sense of otherworldly isolation fills the gentle, piano-centric Blood Moon, as completely as it does Nick Drake’s Pink Moon… A wonderful album.
— Q – 4 Stars ****
Blood Moon stands alone as a perfectly judged synthesis of conventional songwriting skills and detailed, cinematic music that revels in the silence between the notes. Superb.
— The Guardian - 4 Stars ****

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Blood Moon

by M. Craft

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